''Cloud Native Data-Center Networking: Architecture, Protocols, and Tools''
Dinesh G. Dutt

ISBN: 9781492045601 | 486 pages | 13 Mb


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Cloud Native Data-Center Networking: Architecture, Protocols, and Tools Dinesh G. Dutt
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated

The kinds of analysis and data sharing that takes place in modern business relies on fast, robust communications among computer systems. Network architects, network operators, and even the designers of distributed applications need to understand architecture and communications protocols in the data center. And best practices have changed radically over the past decade. For the first time, you can find out what a modern data center looks like, thanks to this book by a leading network developer, Dinesh G. Dutt. This book offers both theory to ground your work and practical advice on topics, such as: Connecting systems in modern data centers Multitenancy How to automate common practices Proper monitoring Choices in routing protocols

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